A new railway is being constructed to the airport. The 13.5-kilometer airport rail will connect from Solo Balapan Station to Adi Soemarmo Airport. Construction of the airport rail line consists of two segments, namely segment 1, ranging from Solo Balapan Station to Solo Baru Station along 3.5 km which is the existing railway track. Meanwhile, segment 2, starting from Solo Baru Station to Adi Sumarmo Airport along the 10 km to be built new railway line. By using this airport train, the distance from Solo to Adi Sumarmo Airport will only take about 15 minutes. The presence of the airport train is one of the government’s efforts to realize the integration between public transport modes and meet the needs of community mobilization, and to create safe, secure, convenient and timely transportation facilities. The airport railway is predicted to be finished by November 2018.